[News] [ Information] My last first kiss is officially coming in September 2015

Today (22/8/2015) Voltage has announced on their Official Facebook account new app coming in September 2015: My Last First Kiss. The long wait has finally ended.

The Japanese version app was first released in Japan on March 2015. Type: Slice of life.

 photo 11059699_906193929446960_9078888254864647471_n.png

Even after all these years, you haven’t forgotten about the first guy you loved. After reuniting with him, you try confessing your feelings, but he turns you down. Luckily the friends you grew up with are there to support you…

…but it’s not long until you become more than just friends…

The prologue begins where MC was in the third year of high school, MC confessed her love to her first love, but he replied “Thank you, I am glad. But I’m sorry, If you were a little older, then…”. . After that, her childhood friends came and supported her. That was a dream.

The next day, an unexpected encounter with her first love at the company she’s currently working brought a surprise to MC and the other childhood friends. They could not help but think about the past. Moreover, her other childhood friend Makoto Morimachi had returned this area a few week ago.

All of childhood friends are now all reunited, happy memories from the past can go on, isn’t it a good thing? However, their feeling are no longer the same as when they were young. MC have turned to a pretty girl, an adult. Their feeling grows for each other, the relationship is slowly moving, more than a friend but less than a lover.

They are 5 main guys and their story have been released in Japan:
 photo my last first kiss.jpg

  • Ayato Hidaka (an actor)
  • Ichiya Misono (an entrepreneur)
  • Makoto Morimachi (a graduated student)
  • Takamune Kitami (a soccer player)
  • Riku Morimachi ( a cameraman)

The last person is MC’s first love Hiroki Eniwa, his story hasn’t released in Japanese app yet.

The app is expecting to release at the beginning of September. Voltage will announce opening video via their official Facebook website because Official Voltage Youtube account has been suspended.

The app is new and staying in the top 20 app for both Google Play and Apple store in Japan, for more information about Voltage app ranking, please wait until the end of each month when I update it.

We are so happy that our expectation in previous post was correct and we feel even happier because it’s Adult First Love app. Let’s be patient and wait for September ^^.

Thank you for reading.

Written by Rainee at grayheaven11.tumblr.com | grayheaven.wordpress.com
Please do not take out without credit.


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