[News] Voltage INC non-social apps ranking in Japan on 31 August 2015

Here is the lists of Voltage app – Japanese version in Japanese iOS store and Google Play store. All the apps I am going to mention will be used by English name or temporary English name so it is easy to understand.  Please note: The name of the apps that I am going to mention are not English translated app in the international market. This is the personal type/ novel type only.

1. iOS store:

 photo file-page1.jpg photo file-page2.jpg

Last month (July 31, 2015), the top Voltage app are Our two bedroom story, Kissed by the baddest bidder, Metro DP, Adult first love and Enchanted in the moonlight. This month, Voltage only had 2 apps in top 10: Our two bedroom story, and Adult first love.

Comparing to the previous month, KBTBB app dropped 7 ranks, OTBS rank dropped 2 rank, adult first love dropped 1 rank, Metro DP dropped 20 ranks. In meanwhile, Star-crossed myth ranking increased to rank #17.  

2. Google play store:

 photo file-page3.jpg photo file-page4.jpg

Last month (31 July 2015), Voltage INC had 6 apps in top 10 apps ranking: Metro DP, Kissed by the baddest bidder, Our two bedrooms story, My forged wedding,  Adult first love, Enchanted in the moonlight. This month (31 August 2015), Voltage INC had 5 apps in top 10 apps: Metro DP, OTBS, KBTBB, MFW, SITS.

Comparing to the previous month, Metro DP remained in the top with ranking #4, OTBS and KBTBB switched their ranks (#5 & #6). Bulter Until Midnight rank dropped to #11. Star-crossed myth rank increased to #15. Surprisingly, Dreamy day west in Tokyo app ranking is #26, on 31 July 2015 it wasn’t in top 30.

Here is the list of Voltage apps (Japanese version) have been updated in August 2015:

  • Her love in the force
  • Star-crossed myth
  • Finally in love again
  • My forged wedding
  • Gossip girl- Novel type
  • My Sweet Bodyguard
  • Sleepless cinderella
  • My wedding and 7 rings
  • Kissed by the baddest bidder
  • Our 2 bedroom story
  • Bulter until midnight
  • Enchanted in the moonlight
  • Adult first love
  • Scandal in the spotlight
  • Metro DP

So far as I can see,  Finally in love again app is still in the safe list.  Star-crossed myth app recently celebrated 1 year aniversary by released 1 free story. Adult first love released Hiro’s route to “It’s a date” story, season 1 haven’t finished yet. Her love in the force app has been updated and released quite many sub-stories.

Hope you find them helpful 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Information collected by Shizuka at Grayheaven.wordpress.com.
Image and written by Rainee at grayheaven11.tumblr.com.
Please do not take out without credit.


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