[Information] 教師たちの秘密の放課後 ( The secret of teachers after school)

Voltage released the latest Japanese drama app 教師たちの秘密の放課後 (temporary name: The secret of teachers after school.). A sweet, heart-throbbing story fills with passion.

 photo tumblr_nu0cg1cF2C1s2ykawo1_1280.jpg Japanese name: 教師たちの秘密の放課後

Day released: September 1, 2015.

Available for iOS and Android

Language: Japanese

English name: After school affairs

Day released: 19 February 2016

Download: Android  | iOS

Prologue summary:

The story began where the heroine worked at an all-boy school. One day students from MC’s school caused trouble in an all-girl school nearby and they got caught. MC went to that school to apologize for her student and she met the strict teacher. The teacher forgave the student and he gave them a warning.

MC moved to a new apartment near school. She met new neighbours who were all good-looking males. Suddenly, because of school financial problem, an all-boy school and an all-girl school were merged and 5 good-looking neighbours became co-workers at school.

Love is prohibited at school (Love ban) applying to students and teachers. However, love is getting more exciting when it is banned. What is going to happen?


(name is writing in English style (First name Surname)

  1. Shinichi Kagari (29, A): Math teacher, cool and strict
  2. Kiyonori Taishi (28, AB): Japanese history teacher, mysterious guy
  3. Rikiya Mononobe (29, B): Physics teacher, scary looking but kind-hearted
  4. Hidetaka Sera (27, A): English teacher
  5. Kenzo Yasukawa (30,O) : Doctor

Teacher correlation diagram:

 photo correlataion diagram.jpg

I made typo mistake: “music teacher: fussy about public moral”

Translated by Shizuka at Grayheaven.wordpress.com
Edited and image by Rainee at grayheaven11.tumblr.com
Please do not take out without credit.


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