[Collection] Voltage INC’s important annoucement

Hello everyone, thank you for following my blog. This post is the collection of Voltage important announcement regarding their policies and agreements. Please kindly follow the policy of the company. If you play the game after you read their announcement, it is assumed that you agree to the company’s policies to continue the game.

1. 天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad- Illustrations and Scenarios Policies

Image from Acityslovesong’s post

As Karina-a explained Voltage INC’s policy announcement in her post here , Voltage asked users of the app not to post screenshot, CGs, routes summary and that’s including sprites.

2. 鏡の中のプリンセス Love Palace – Illustrations and Scenarios Policies

鏡の中のプリンセス Love Palace has been declared, asking for player not to public: 

  • Any screenshot or CGs relate to main route stories. 
  • Any screenshot or CGs relate to event stories. 
  • Any screenshot or CGs relate to limited sale stories.

For SNS site: The policies also apply to SNS site to prevent spoiling those player who haven’t play the stories/event yet. However, they still allow you to post anything that aren’t relating to stories (like a screenshot of avatar  for example Mobage, Joshige) to the public.

Image and translation by Kalina-a from this post .

3. Samurai Love Ballad Party

Sharing CGs and scenario is not allowed, Voltage staffs answered this question in this post

Please refrain from sharing the unedited Portraits

★Edited/modified portrait images. For example, Tumblr or blog layouts for personal/fandom use that are distributed in the fandom on a not-for-profit basis which use the portraits as a base, but without using entire portrait images, image-based memes and captions (written directly on the image and unable to be modified), gifsets, icons…

★In-Game Screencaptures (including Story Sections): You are free to share screencaptures from the story as you wish, as long as spoilers are tagged appropriately and full story sections are not shared (for example, the entirety of an ending, Main Story, Event Story, or Tea Garden story). 

4. 王子様のプロポーズ / II / Love Tiara – Illustrations and Scenarios Policies
 photo tumblr_o2mayifG0c1t7ruu4o1_400.jpg  photo tumblr_o2mayifG0c1t7ruu4o2_1280.jpg  photo tumblr_o2mayifG0c1t7ruu4o3_1280.jpg

Full announcement in Japanese:

いつも「王子様のプロポーズ / II / Love Tiara」をご利用いただき、誠にありがとうございます。












今後とも「王子様のプロポーズ / II / Love Tiara」をよろしくお願い致します。

An official notice has been posted up on BMP/ BMP2/ BMPLT from 15/2 stating that the posting of scenarios, CGs, movies, and etc. of the game without permission is prohibited because of copyrights.

source: sylvashadow

5. ルームシェア素顔のカレ Love Days – Illustrations and Scenarios Policies

 photo tumblr_o2ov86JeEG1upd6vgo1_500.jpg
Similar to other social app, Voltage does not allow to post any CG and scenario related to main story and event.

The following apps are applied new Illustrations and Scenarios policies:

  • 誓いのキスは突然に Love Ring
  • 恋人は専属SP Love Mission
  • 花より男子F4とファーストキス

Please aware not to share cg of social version apps, even if the new policies have not announced on the apps.

(More post will come in the future)


Written by Rainee




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