[Walkthrough] Her love in the force season 1 – Hyogo Kaga sequel

Happy ending + unlock 3 secret story


Chapter 1

A.“But, I’ll be late…”

B: “okay, but just a little longer.”

C.”Aren’t you hungry?”


A.“I don’t have an excuse…”

B.“It’s your fault,sir”

C.“I was study late studying”


Chapter 2

A.“it’s not nice at all!”

B.“Does it bother you?”

C.Hide the letter


A.“I don’t want to go back”

B.“Are you jealous?”

C. Can I go back,then?


Chapter  3:

A.“At least give him medicine!”

B.“You can’t do this!”

C.Turn to Shinonome


A. Apologize

B.“I don’t agree with this.”

C.“Is this how an officer works?”

[Story unlock 1]


Chapter 4:

A.“So it’s about glory?”

B.“Am I cut out for this?”

C.“I’m not cut out for this.”


A.“Can that be used as proof?”

B.“This isn’t right…”

C.“I can’t accept this…”


Chapter 5

A.“Taking some time off”

B.“A lot happened…”

C.“Mind your own business.”


A.“That’s weird”

B.“Satoda was falsely accused?”

C.“Who is the original poster of the thread?”

[unlock story 2]


Chapter 6:

A. “It was just a break.”

B. “I don’t know yet.”

C. “What about LIME?”


A. “Why did you do this?”

B. “Give yourself up.”

C. “What about your dad?”


Chapter 7:

A.“I am no hero.”

B.“We don’t need evil”

C.Evil will never disappear.”


A.“There’s a time to be naïve.”

B.“What’s wrong with being naïve?”

C.“Should I change my values?”


Chapter 8

No choice

Happy ending

[unlocked story 3]


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