[Walkthrough] Her love in the force season 1 – Hideki Ishigami sequel

Happy ending and unlocked secret stories

A: Is that a compliment?
B: I sure am  *
C: I do get lonely

A: Thanks for the drink.
B: Thank you  *
C: I’ll do my best!

A: Fine, thanks to you.
B: what about you? *
C: I am fine

A: I will do my best.
B: Have faith in me *
C: I am gonna be the best

A: I didn’t say anything
B: Right to remain silent!
C: No such thing*

A: For real?  *
B: You are strange
C: Don’t… I will get too shy…

Secret Story unlocked 1

A: About this case…
B: Am I fired as your aide?
C: You seem distant…*

A: So, no problem
B: We’re lover, too  *
C: Above all, I am police.

A: I’ll try  *
B: Yes, sir.
C: Thank you.

A: Beg
B: Cry *
C: Threaten.

you can choose any because it won’t move.

A: Ask him what to do
B: Ask him to guide you
C: Discuss your plan. *

A: Thanks!
B: The real work starts now.
C: All thanks to your advice. *
Unlocked Secret Story 2

A: I’ll play nurse *
B: Leave him to me
C: I will leave the rest to you

A: You are impulsive *
B: My fault?
C: Miraculous recovery

No choice

Unlocked Secret Story 3

Happy playing~



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