[Quick note]Voltage INC Terms of Service Update and Fair Use Policy

To my readers, this is a quick note about Terms of use agreement from an official update of Voltage inc from Tumblr:

Please do not worry about posting your fan creations!

Your original art – including fan art, fan fiction, fan covers, etc., – is all yours, not ours. The only circumstance under which it becomes property of Voltage is if you submit it directly to us (tagging us doesn’t count; this is for contest submissions, emailing it directly to us, etc.). We do not use it.

Please keep in mind that all artwork created with Voltage’s characters cannot be sold for profit.

We hear your feedback and we will continue to work at clarifying our policies so please ask us if you have questions.

Original post from official Voltage INC Tumblr


Please aware that the terms of use agreement on their application (so far it applies on KBTBB and HLITF applications)

More under cut

D. Your Contributions
If expressly authorized in the Application, you may provide any contributions (including but not limited to any and all ideas and creations; hereinafter the same) to the Application and related goods and services. However, if such contributions provided by you using the Application give rise to any copyright or other intellectual property rights (including the right to receive any intellectual property rights; hereinafter the same), you shall grant said rights to Voltage free of charge.
This shall include the rights to copy, adapt, modify, perform, display, publish, broadcast, record, videotape, play, distribute, publicly transmit, or otherwise communicate to the public by any means, whether now known or unknown, and distribute your contributions without any notice or compensation of any kind to you for the entire term of protection granted to intellectual property rights by applicable laws and conventions. Even when such notice or compensation is required under law, you shall expressly waive your rights to it.
You hereby shall not exercise any and all moral rights of an author and other rights with respect to Voltage’s and other players’ use and enjoyment of your contributions in connection with the Application and related goods and services under the law applicable to this Terms of Use Agreement.
Such non-exercise of moral rights of an author and others shall survive even after the termination of the effective term hereof applied to you.
Your contributions offered through the Application shall be limited to those thought, invented, devised or created solely by you, and if Voltage receives any claim or demand from any co-idea giver, co-inventor, co-deviser or co-creator or any third party who has given an idea for, invented, devised or created such contribution, in connection with the use of and licensing of such contributions to a third party, you shall release Voltage from liability and shall assume responsibility to resolve such claim or demand at your expense and responsibility.

This part explains:

If you send your idea, stories, plots (any contribution) via the application, Voltage INC has the rights to use your idea, your contribution.

How it applies:

  • If you send contribution via application feedback
  • If you send contribution via their email

In order word, if you send your contribution DIRECTLY to Voltage INC, the company has the rights to use your contribution when you sent it to them.

You are allowed to contribute fan art and fan fiction to any online community . As long as you don’t send it to Voltage INC email, the company will not have the right to use your creation, fan-creation won’t be used in their application.

Contribution in term of use agreement is about contribution via the application, it applies to the application. There is nothing about contributing in online fandom.

I am busy so I can’t write a lot right now.


Hope it help.




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