The next translated app coming to International market -新選組が愛した女

Hello my readers, long time no see. We have been busy and none of us actually have time to write anything even though we have received information for a while. Today I bring you a news.


Japanese name: 新選組が愛した女 (shinsengumi ga aishita onna)
English name: Era of Samurai: Code of love
Day released in Japan: December 1, 2015
Day released in English: around June 2016
Application type: Personal type (non-social type)
Compatible models: Android and iOS
Current update in Japan: the 6th character main story is available.

About the game: My previous post about the game here, the main character is the daughter of a doctor. Her house was burnt down and she received help from Shinsengumi. The prologue ends where she has to decide to choose to stay with one of them.

The potential loves are 5 shinsengumi and 1 person who is not shinsengumi:

土方 歳三 (Hijikata Toshizō): Vice – president of Shinsengumi
原田左之助 (Harada Sanosuke): Captain of the 10th unit, he use a spear.
沖田総司 (Okita Souji): Captain of the first uni, a genius swordsman.
斎藤一 (Saitō Hajime): Captain of 3rd unit, left-hand swordsman.
近藤勇(Kondô Isami): the president / the chief of Shinsengumi
シン (Shin): A misterious man, an owner of a restaurant.

 photo Screenshot_20160503-103426.png

Explanation from the chart:

Isami –> Sanosuke: regard as promising.

Sanosuke –> Isami: respect.

Hajime –> Isami: Isami is the person who saved his life.

Isami –> Hajime: He brought him home.

Sanosuke and Hajime are good friend and they live in the same room.

Sanosuke –> Hajime: read Hajime’s feeling from his face’s expression.

Hajime –> Sanosuke: He wakes Sanosuke up in the morning.

Isami and Hijikata are best friend who have the same mind. (understand each other like they are one)

Isami teached Souji when Souji was a small kid.

Souji –> Hijikata: Souji thinks Hijikata is not very dexterous so he needs to take care of Hijikata. At the same time, he thinks Hijikata is like a demon (Souji means Hijikata is strict).

Hijikata –> Souji: He thinks Souji can see through everything so he can’t hide from Souji. 

Saitou Hajime and Okita are rival.

Hajime –> Souji: Hajime doesn’t want Souji to be his enemy.

Souji –> Hajime: Souji understands Hajime is strong so it would be interesting if Hajime would become his enemy.


Shin is real name is 高杉 晋作 (Takasugi Shinsaku), his real name and identity exposed in his main route. Takasugi Shinsaku is a real historical character who is very famous in Japan history.

The app has 2 type of ending and 1 bonus video after you unlock 2 ending.

The app has new movement effects and better sound effects. Don’t fall a sleep with earphone because it sounds real.

This application is going to promote in Anime expo 2016. The day the app to release is in June, but please aware that Voltage can change their schedule anytime.

Updated info: June 3, 2016

Thank you for reading.

Name title given by Shabby
Application information translated by Shizuka, edited by Rainee.
Please don’t take out translation without permission.


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