[Information] 容疑者たちの甘いたくらみ – New Voltage game coming in May 2016

Japanese title: 容疑者たちの甘いたくらみ
Temporary translated title: Sweet tricks of my suspects.
Day release: May 18, 2016
Game introduction:

Japanese version:

iOS | Android


Wanted criminals are on the run…

 photo 160421_yougi_01_90k_01.jpg
“He is a bad guy. And he is also my bodyguard.”

Suddenly appearing for you
Bad guy with the maximum danger level.

“You can’t run away from here”

“I don’t know what is happening”

The new life with danger has begun…

but after receiving a large amount of money, this relationship will end.

Is this all plotting, or real love ?
 photo 160421_yougi_01_90k_03.jpg
 photo 160421_yougi_01_90k_04 1.jpg

Character name are written in English ([ First name] [Surname])

Masaharu Ryuzaki : Do -S sniper. (Red) (CV: Yuki Ono – 小野友樹)

“If you don’t want to die, don’t let go”


Yasumi Arimura: Heartless Hacker. (blue) (CV:Taishi Murata – 村田太志)

“I can save you in 5 seconds (effortlessly)


Haruma Fujioka: A gentleman but a back-alley doctor. (green) (CV:Terashima Junta – 寺島惇太)

“Hahaha shall I heal you?


Asuka Hino: Capable young spy. (orange)  (CV:Hanae Natsuki 花江夏樹)

“It’s dangerous to be careless, sis”


Kentaro Inui : Riddle – the mastermind.(purple)  (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke 武内駿輔)

“I will definitely protect you.”


24/7 being escorted by him.

The bad guy will snatch your heart away.

Who will you choose?


*More information:

Character designed by 先崎真琴 (Senzaki Makoto) – Voltage has informed the character designer on the  new game poster.

May 9, 2016 (JST) the new prologue was released on Koi cafe.

The game will come out in the middle of May 2016.

To be continued.


Translation by Shizuka @ grayheaven.wordpress.com

Edited by Rainee.

Please do not take out without credit.




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