Blog update 19/6/2016

Hello my readers, how are you? This is Rainee.

Thank you for following this website even though this blog is not so active.

I wanted to post so many things. We have been translating some information and we collected lots of information. However,…

There are many people taking our information without acknowledging the source of information. There are only 2 main admins working on this website, most of them are collected within our network. Any extra information wasn’t originally from our network, I always give credit for the source of information.

Knowing people are using our information, our translation without our consent and they don’t even acknowledge our website. We feel discouraged to keep working on it. We don’t even receive a thank or even an ask for permission 😦

We intend to post a lot of information but now we decided to postponed everything and we might not post them anymore. That information took us months to collect. Translation also takes us lots of time. Posting more information now, our writing will be stolen again.

Even though this is fan-translation, our writing belongs to us – this website and Tumblr account- Grayheaven. Please respect our rules and our writing. There are this website’s intellectual property .


Thank you, my followers, for always supporting this website.



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