[Translation] Goodbye messages from 悪魔と恋する10日間 ~Heaven’s Kiss~

On Friday, November 25, 2016 , official LINE account sent Goodbye messages from the Devils and Angel of the app 悪魔と恋する10日間 Heaven’s Kiss, marking the ending after 1 year and 6 months released this game. 

Translated messages bellow:

[Kakeru] I had a really unusual destiny with you .You are weird, you are meddlesome, but I start to like it all before I know it. Everything about you, I will never forget.

[Shiki] Thank you for everything. The time with you ..miso udon you made …..I don’t dislike them.

[Satoru] Soon,  I can’t make sweets for you anymore, I feel lonely ..but our contract will never end ..don’t forget about that.

[Haruhito] The distance between Devil world and Human world is far ..but we are connected forever, right? Kero-chan?

[Meguru] Thanks for hanging out with me a lot !Every day we spend together… I will never forget ! If you remember us, I would be happy.

Thank you for playing!

 photo tumblr_ohqx6wkXGn1upd6vgo1_500.jpg

The last update of this app was in February 2016. The app is no longer to able to access after 30 November 2016. Line sent a notice of refund [link]. The app has been removed from Voltage apps official website.

There is no message from Angel.

Translated by Rainee.
Please do not take out without credit.


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