Welcome to Gray Heaven blog, this blog is about sharing our love toward otome game. The purpose of opening this blog is to share our thought of the games we played with everyone who has​ similar interests as well as sharing collection information that we found.

This blog will post about Voltage INC including game reviews, fan arts by Rainee and anything related to Voltage INC.

About Writers at Gray Heaven:

  • Shizuka: Japanese – Researcher – Translator. The main role in Grayheaven is translating and doing research.
  • Rainee: Researcher – hobby artist. The main role in Grayheaven is proof-reading, editor.

Due to our busy life, we are no longer writing game reviews.

Our information is originally collected from Voltage INC, Japanese news websites and reliable sources. For some reasons, we can’t provide the sources all the time, this is agreements between Japanese people and us.

We are not English-speakers, our writing might be difficult to understand, please don’t hesitate to ask if that happens.

If you have any request or have any question, you can ask us on Tumblr: http://grayheaven11.tumblr.com/ or send email to grayheaven11@hotmail.com

This website is still new and it needs lots of improvement, feel free to suggest us, we appreciate that 🙂


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