The next app coming to Japan in September- October 2017

Game title: 先生と秘密の同居中

Temporary translated name: The secret of living together with teacher

Expect date release: Mid-September 2017

Prologue release on September 11 (JST)


Please do not bring my translation to elsewhere, thanks.

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[Information] 容疑者たちの甘いたくらみ – New Voltage game coming in May 2016

Japanese title: 容疑者たちの甘いたくらみ
Temporary translated title: Sweet tricks of my suspects.
Day release: May 18, 2016
Game introduction:

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[Event] Voltage INC. Valentine Award 2016 in Japan

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the season of love. Voltage organizes an event Valentine Award 2016  バレンタインアワード2016 in Japan. In Japan, girls give their chocolate to the boys they like. Basing on that tradition, Voltage fan is now can send chocolate to their favourite ikemen. The time period is from February 1, 2016 to February 16, 2016 (23:59) for Android and iPhone users. Monthly plan users start 1 week earlier. The winner announcement is the next day (February 17, 2016)

There are 60 candidates, 14 apps in 5 teams:

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Coming soon – Her Love in The Force Week

 photo uCHYGJ8.png

A fan event for Her Love in The Force app which is called “HLITF week” or “Her Love in The Force Week” is coming in December 2015 on Tumblr. The week period is from December 7 to December 13, 2015. Fans from every social websites are encouraged to participate during the week by posting everything related to the game including reviews, fan-works (fanart, fanfic, fan-edited) with hashtag ‘#HLITF week’.

Her love in the force app of Voltage INC which was released on November 2014 and has the latest update in April 2015, has created uncertainty within Voltage fandom. This HLiTF week is the chance to express interest and fan support toward the app.

Website is opening to create inspiration and to appreciate all the posts during HLITF week. For fans who don’t have Tumblr account, they can contribute their post via “Submission”. There are other activities to encourage fandom to support the app for instance fill in the survey, rate for the app and send request to Voltage INC to remind Voltage INC to update.

Currently, the theme for 7 days is available on website . Confession is open for everyone to express their feeling toward the app.

>>Facebook event is available <<

In order to bring back the app, we need a lot of attention and participants. If it is possible, please share the event and invite friends to participate HLITF week.

Any questions or inquiries about the week, feel free to send message or leave comment below.


[Information] 深夜0時 素顔の執事 (The real face of butler at midnight) – The next Voltage translated app coming to international market

Hello everyone, the heat for new app of this month My last first kiss and Gossip girl PARTY have not been calm down, but I decide to bring you an exciting news.

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[News] Voltage INC non-social apps ranking in Japan on 31 August 2015

Here is the lists of Voltage app – Japanese version in Japanese iOS store and Google Play store. All the apps I am going to mention will be used by English name or temporary English name so it is easy to understand.  Please note: The name of the apps that I am going to mention are not English translated app in the international market. This is the personal type/ novel type only.

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[News] [ Information] My last first kiss is officially coming in September 2015

Today (22/8/2015) Voltage has announced on their Official Facebook account new app coming in September 2015: My Last First Kiss. The long wait has finally ended.

The Japanese version app was first released in Japan on March 2015. Type: Slice of life.

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