[Walkthrough] Her love in the force season 1 – Hyogo Kaga sequel

Happy ending + unlock 3 secret story


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[Event] Voltage INC. Valentine Award 2016 in Japan

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the season of love. Voltage organizes an event Valentine Award 2016  バレンタインアワード2016 in Japan. In Japan, girls give their chocolate to the boys they like. Basing on that tradition, Voltage fan is now can send chocolate to their favourite ikemen. The time period is from February 1, 2016 to February 16, 2016 (23:59) for Android and iPhone users. Monthly plan users start 1 week earlier. The winner announcement is the next day (February 17, 2016)

There are 60 candidates, 14 apps in 5 teams:

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[Collection] Voltage INC’s important annoucement

Hello everyone, thank you for following my blog. This post is the collection of Voltage important announcement regarding their policies and agreements. Please kindly follow the policy of the company. If you play the game after you read their announcement, it is assumed that you agree to the company’s policies to continue the game.

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[News]上司と秘密の2LDK Love♥Happening – the next Voltage social app release in Japanese market

上司と秘密の2LDK, which is known as Our two bedroom story English version of Voltage INC, is going to release a social type version (free-to-play) with the name上司と秘密の2LDK Love♥Happening.

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[Information] 深夜0時 素顔の執事 (The real face of butler at midnight) – The next Voltage translated app coming to international market

Hello everyone, the heat for new app of this month My last first kiss and Gossip girl PARTY have not been calm down, but I decide to bring you an exciting news.

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[Review] 🍀 Kiss me on clover hill 🍀

Prologue summary:

You become a design student of Mukaigaoka College of Art University with full of determining to become an excellent designer. However, life is unexpected. You got kicked out of the house at the first night because roommate doesn’t approve you to live with her. Wandering around in the middle of the night with anxious, you walk through a house having warm light in front. You meet a guy with a welcome smile and he brings you to a share house which is looking for a tenant. There is one thing make you hesitate: this house is full of guy.  After getting approved by everyone, your new life is starting at Clover Hill. What is it gonna to be like?


Negative point:

1. I was shocked that she got kicked out of the house easily. I understand this is a fiction game, but I don’t like this unrealistic point. The MC signed the contract, but the other tenant of the house doesn’t like her and kick her out without the landlord’s agreement. Excuse me what is the contract for? Contact landlord or agent or 3rd party who has power to solve it immediately.

2. Sometimes the use of language in their conversation doesn’t make sense to me or it’s a bit difficult for me to understand (maybe it’s just me because English is not my first language). Sometimes the language are too formal for a casual conversation.

Positive point:

3. The colours combination is very eye-catching considering how old the game actually is (the game was first released in 2009 in feature phone and it was released in Smartphone Android in 2011, for more information, please read my previous post). Voltage adjusted the screen solution in iPad for KMOCH, they really consider for us.

4. The interior design/backgrounds are the mix from the older game, but they actually create new backgrounds for KMOCH (for example the living room background is very well design). The house look very pretty and friendly, they have studio room, they have small rooftop, an individual room is small and well-organised, they fit an idea of “art students”.


There are 5 main tenants in this houses.

  • Soichi Kiyota
  • Bunta Kurimaki
  • Yusuke Sakuraba
  • Chihiro kikuhara
  • Kazuto Horai
  • 2 tenants will join the story later.

After playing other versions of KMOCH, I have a conclusion: the stories start at different prologue and different situation but the main concept of story “love blooms from living under the same roof”  remains the same. I hope people won’t get upset with their art to focus on the main concept and enjoy the story.

Thank you for reading.

Reviews by Shizuka at grayheaven.wordpress.com

[Information] Voltage romance app 🍀 Kiss me on clover hill 🍀 ( ルームシェア 素顔のカレ)

June 12, 2015, Kiss me on Clover Hill (KMoCH) was officially announced to be released by Voltage in July 2015  via Official Facebook . I decide to post some fact about the game. If you followed Grayheaven Tumblr account , you should have seen my post. However, I made few mistakes because I posted quickly without edit. I’m gonna re-write the whole story I know in a timeline.

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